The concept

Arraish has arrived at scene to provide you the opportunity to beautify your home and work place. Everyone wants to make his home special and Arraish is the place that helps you meet that objective elegantly.

Stuff that you desire
Arraish is offering purely handmade products. These products are not only beautiful and stylish but also provide multipurpose uses. While searching these tremendous products we have met different some wonderful people, we would like their captivating stories to you over the course of time. These craftsmen have motivated us to show their talent in front of you and we expect that their talent will act as an inspiration not only for you but for your home. Knowing the designer’s background and work will make the item more personal and even more desireable.

Arraish Ideology
Pakistan is bursting with talented people. It has a rich history of handmade handicrafts at various centres in the country. The idea is to provide a window to these fantastic people so that wider world could see and appreciate their talents and bring to limelight these local Pakistani products. Under the umbrella of Arraish, the direct beneficiaries and the skilled artisans will be exposed to high end markets locally and this in return will help them become financially more stable.

Helping Hands
We are dedicated to share a percentage of our profits to charity. We look forward to telling you more about this very soon.

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