Toy Chest PK

*What is Toy Chest Pakistan?*
The brainchild of Ruhaifa Adil, educational consultant, remedial specialist, and mom of four-
Toy Chest Pakistan provides gadget-free entertainment for children – used games and toys from the best brands, in great condition and at amazingly affordable prices!

*What is special about Toy Chest Pakistan?*
Each toy / game is handpicked for their value in skill-based learning (such visual perceptual skills, motor skills, auditory (listening) skills, comprehension, strategy, reasoning, social skills etc).

*About the CEO – Ruhaifa Adil*
Toy Chest Pakistan is the brainchild of Ruhaifa Adil. She is a trained Montessori Directress and remedial specialist for children with Dyslexia. She has been working as an educational consultant with various schools in Karachi and trains mothers and teachers to help them work effectively with their children. She is a mother of four and passionately believes in the power of games to help children learn and to bring the family together. She can be reached at

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