How Mother fought for healing her child

The story of a powerful, self-motivated woman, a loving mother, who with her hard work, hope and motivation, not only cured her child’s problem but also started an entrepreneurial journey in the process.

Mrs. Salma Asim ‘s daughter, was a pre-mature baby and she do have hair growth, brows and lashes. As a mother, it was painful for her to face some severe taunts from the society. Salma, is beauty professional with years of experience herself, she tried various home remedies first, then she learned about Ayurveda. She went to USA to get proper training, and with help of Ayurvedic products, she was able to cure her daughter.

Same people, who used to pass sarcastic remarks about her daughter, started coming to her to ask “How she did it”?, soon she was being flooded with request from friends and family, to prepare Ayurvedic solutions for them.

After sometimes, she started PURE AYURVEDA, she wanted something without filters, something pure, bright and shiny on its own. No, cover up, nothing. Finally she succeeded in that.

Although a women’s ease of starting a business is lower than men and they have high fear of failure but Mrs. Salma Asim started her own business in this era to achieve her goals where lots of people in our society are against it. Even when she got married, she had kids and a husband to take care off. She didn’t shirk away from her household duties to make a career. She managed to balance both. When her husband saw her dream, goal and her will to achieve it, he then stood with her.

She observed that a lot of people themselves have stubbed out their light and they expect others to be dark or shadowed as well. She have realized that she don’t need anyone’s approval to be a Queen, a Warrior or the best word of all A WOMAN. Mrs. Salma Asim set examples for all other women and mothers that you must have believe in yourself.

“All the forces on this planet, will never beat that of a mother’s love.” Elle Smith, The Way Back Home


Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that have been used for centuries, by countless cultures around the world to help heal people along with prevention of health issues and improving health and quality of life. These time tested remedies & treatments are still available to this day, for those who seek natural alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals and medications, still as effective today as they have been for ages!

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