Cinderella. pk (kids clothing)

From the ideal party dresses for special events to solid and flexible styles made everyday wear, our beautiful range of young girls dresses is sure to contain designs you and she will cherish. Explore dresses from brands including, and, in a range of styles from casual skater dresses, to layered dressing up dresses.

Browse a wide choice of colors including blue, pink, naval force, dark, yellow, green, and red, alongside patterns, for example, flowers, stripes, checks, creature print, and stars. Our special event young girls’ dress styles incorporate charming Black jewel, Belle dresses, and ball dresses. Pair a chocolate spiral dress with trainers for daytime, or style a Cinderella dress with bright pumps for a great contrast. Our young girl’s dresses are available in sizes from newborn up to 11 years.

The biggest disadvantage of online business is that the clients mostly stay in doubt whether the product the individual has ordered would be the same as in the image or not. When a client buys a product through an online platform and then waits for some days and if he, after receiving the product, found that a product is not the same as displayed in the advertisement by the seller then for sure it is extremely agonizing.

Thinking about such all agonies and terrible encounters (even with us exclusively) we have decided to start our business with the intention to give the client the same what they find in the photos at the hour of placing the orders. Profit was and is not our main pressing issue since it naturally follows with great services. So our primary center was offering proficient and genuine types of services.

Our features and efforts are:

  • All photos are genuine.
  • What you will see is truly what you will get.
  • Exact estimations and descriptions.
  • Continuous improvement
  • Always open to client’s feedback
maroon diordress
₨ 5,500 – ₨ 9,500
black jewel
₨ 15,000 – ₨ 21,000
blossom in yellow
₨ 9,500 – ₨ 15,500
Micky Mouse dress
₨ 5,500 – ₨ 8,500
The Black Cloud Costume
₨ 8,500 – ₨ 13,000
Aqua jewel
₨ 15,000 – ₨ 21,000
elsa theme
₨ 10,500 – ₨ 16,500
Belle dress
₨ 5,500 – ₨ 9,500
Ball dress
₨ 5,500 – ₨ 9,500