About Marts.pk

An Idea can change your shopping!

Marts.pk idea evolved with the evolution of online shopping boom in Pakistan, we have many wonderful services offering excellent services and very competitive prices but no way to discover them.

Being a shopping enthusiastic ourselves we thought to put up a place for all shoppers where they can easily locate stores offering what they want.

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Shop, Shop and Shop Online!

Online shopping still has a fear associated with it in Paksitan, I have met many people who don’t trust whether the products will be as good as they look into pictures? How can we decide without touching it first? We do had same fears when we first tried it but apart from couple of bad experiences it always turned out to be good experience, you get what you want without being struck in traffic and hours of time wastage right at your home!

Marts Certified Stores

Although we are adding as many stores we find but soon we will be labeling our certified stores, one we have tried and recommend. Our mission is to bring best of best stores and connect them to their clients.

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Website abhee baqi hai!

Website is in embryo stages we will keep on adding more features, more stores, hot products, sales alerts as we move on. Stay tuned and do not forget to follow us on facebook. Our official page is http://www.facebook.com/martsdotpk