Sales season survival guide

With sales all around, its really confusing where to go and what to buy, how to get your favourite item, and most importantly how to save ourselves from crazy crowds. Here are few tips, our team has complied based on their experiences:

Prepare beforehand

Visit online stores before sales season to have idea about stuff and prices, shortlist your favourites before hand to quickly jump to item during sale.

Shop Early, Shop Online

If you want to save yourself and your sanity, try to shop online whenever possible. Shopping online is easier if you are confident about quality and size of product. Tip is try to visit your favourite brands in season to make sure you know stuff and sizes beforehand.

Follow your brands during sales season on social media, brands mostly announce upcoming sales atleast couple of days before, so save dates.

When sales are on, logon early and shop online conveniently. Early birds gets best stuff as online stores quickly ran out of stock. Chances are by mid day good stores are all sold out. Waking up early that day will be worth it.

Sort at cash counter

Sorting at cash counter is good rule for both online and offline shopping, pick whatever you like and move to next section, when checking out sort and leave what you think is not needed at cash counter, this way you can get more items in hand quickly.

Similarly, online shopping review cart before checkout to be in budget and get best deal.

Spend wisely

Don’t spend all your budget on one sale, limit number of items you buy from one shop, so you don’t regard later.

Go for flat offs

Few brands offer flat offs on items, such sales will save you more since “UPTO” offs are tricky way to attract customers, only few items are really offering discounts, most of products offer such a nominal discount that it doesnt make any difference.

Make sure you know full prices

Its important you have idea about full price of items, few brands are notorious of changing price tags during sales, to make customer feel they are getting big discounts.

Happy shopping and best of luck!

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