Summer Home Redecorating

Redecorate your lounge

Summers are in and the heat is on. If you are redoing your lounge completely then it is a good idea to have a well defined check list for summers decor as below:

• Try to buy such furniture that is easy to clean. Avoid carvings.

• Cool colors like blue, green and yellows will be more easy on eyes.

• Get your walls whitewashed so that every color of furniture and accessories suites

• Try using an alternate color for the curtains or blinds.

• There are various style sofas available in the market. It can be seen that the leather bound sofas are the best suited for the usage in lounge. A combination of black and maroon is really attractive.

• Avoid keeping dainty decorative in the room as they serve more as hurdles rather than a symbol of beauty.

• Try adding corner lamps in your room to give it a good look.

• Blinds take less space and darker shade of blinds would help in keeping out the strong sunlight.

• Use contrast colors instead of adding everything of the same color or giving a ruffled look by using multi colors.

• The lounge should not be too heavily furnished; it should give a spacious and airy look.

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