Wear high heels without pain

Tips for wearing high heels without pain

Heels are always in fashion; they make a woman look elegant and are rightly called a woman’s best friends but wearing high heels gets uncomfortable at times, here are few tips when wearing heels to avoid trouble;

• Make sure that your shoe size is perfect neither big nor small.

• Try to avoid stilettos and prefer the block types. Stilettos cause a lot of uneasiness and may cause a sprain if you walk on uneven grounds as the heel keeps wobbling.

• Prefer buying shoes that have a platform soul rather than a thin soul. The thinner soul causes the feet to get tired as there is a lot of pressure on the fingers.

• It is a great idea to dip your feet in luke warm water at the end of the day so that they are relaxed.

• Prefer wearing heels that are in sandal form, with straps to give a perfect and better grip to your feet.

• It is a good idea to wear heels that are not too high, two to three inch heels are always a better option.

We hope these tips will help and you can enjoy heels without any discomfort.

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