Dressing tips Pakistani body shape

Dressing up for the Eastern boby shape

Almost 60 percent Pakistani women tend to carry a pear shaped figure. This kind of figure is when the body is heavier in hips in comparison to the bust. Especially after giving birth your body shape is more likely to changed to Pear type until you have shed extra kilos gained.

Women who have curves face issues while dressing up. This Summer lots of designs are in and everyone can wear their preference without having the in or out dated fashion issues. But the trick is to select what suits your body shape, most of designers are coming with the design that are for real women not for skinny models.

We are sharing some tips with you on dressing up that will give you stylish and the same time decent look!

  • The tip is to give your body a longer and leaner look. Wearing a tailored pant or trouser with a flared bottom helps.
  • Avoid wearing a clingy garment at the top.
  • All those women who unfortunately face the issue of having curves should avoid wearing lighter colors. It is a good idea to go for the darker shades including greens, blues, blacks, navy’s and purples. This would help in covering the areas with fat deposits.
  • Try to focus on the slimmer part of your body when designing a dress to lessen the emphasis on the heavier part of the body.
  • Go for darker shades trousers and avoid wearing light colored bottoms.
  • It’s preferable to wear a V-shaped neck. This would elongate the neck and give a run down effect.
  • Wearing an A-line shirt also helps in avoiding the curves of the body.

  • Pinching in at the waist would help in giving a slimmer look and avoiding the pear shape.

  • Add details to the neck to have focus there and avoid focus on the hips which would lessen the pear shaped effect.

  • We hope these tips are helpful for you. Happy dressing!

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